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Angela Goodnight is a pseudonym. While she is not embarrassed about her writing, the fact that it is true erotica would shock her ninety-year-old mother and the family of her husband so it was decided to write incognito.

Angela’s stories are all true. Born in 1950, she had a teenage love affair and her parents separated her from her boyfriend and, unbeknown to her, kept his letters from reaching her and didn’t post her letters to him. They both imagined the other was trying to have a clean break.

Forty-five years later he found her through facebook and they are now married.

During the interregnum they both had many sexual relationships and decided to write about them. In a sense this was Fifty Shades Of Grey, but true and, often, truth can be more interesting than fiction.

Angela now has many books in print and as ebooks, but continues to seek out a publisher for the series.

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AUTHOR: Angela Goodnight

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Autumn Of Love

Autumn Of Love
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Angela was born in Nottingham in 1950 and the family moved to Gurney in 1962 when her father took up a teaching position at the secondary modern school located in Gurney. Her mother worked part time for local government in the town.

Her father’s lineage was English going way back, but her grandmother on her mother’s side was Chinese, coming back to Britain with a sailor returning from a trade mission to Shanghai in 1899. They settled in the small town of Arlesford in Hampshire.

Third generation Chinese, Angela has some oriental features which made her the butt of jokes when she first moved to Gurney and joined the local High School. However, her pleasant and friendly personality soon won her many friends.

She first met Peter Stone when he arrived at the school in 1964 and the events of their teenage love affair, in all its explicit detail can be read in their books. Their ages in the books are given as 18 to comply with laws in some countries, but in actual fact Angela was only 14 and Peter was 16.

When her parents relocated in late 1964 she joined a school in Stafford where her father had become headmaster. A clever student she managed to obtain two As and a B in French, German and Latin. This saw her accepted to Manchester university where she studied modern languages, primarily French, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Graduating with honours in 1971 she spent the next ten years working with the department of trade and industry in London specialising in international trade with Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Eventually she left the government department and began translating and teaching Cantonese and some Mandarin privately. it was while doing this that she met her future husband. They married in 1984 and lived in Ewell in Surrey, where she continued to provide private lessons and translation services.

Her marriage was loveless and unhappy. When her husband discovered that she was unable to have children he abused her many times, beating her on several occasions and, after any semblance of love had gone from the marriage and they stopped sharing a bedroom, he raped her violently. Angela immediately moved out of their home at the age of thirty-seven and later divorced him.

Now working from an office with flat above in Hounslow she concentrated on developing her translation services and continued with her private teaching. She also had a series of good, but not totally fulfilling sexual affairs including a lesbian affair with a Chinese girl she had employed for additional translation work.

Her lesbian affair was a mistake. While the sex was interesting, fun and enjoyable, after a few months she realised that her orientation was not really bisexual and took the first opportunity to break it off. This was traumatic as her partner had given up her own apartment and moved in with her. She felt really bad about this and still regrets that it was necessary. Lesbianism was just not right for her. She offered her ex-partner financial help on many occasions, but it was always rejected which made her feel even worse.

Still a very beautiful woman, even in her fifties, she continued to date and sleep with men she liked, but although she enjoyed the sex, she still found none of the affairs totally fulfilling and they rarely lasted more than a few months.

In 2010 she retired and moved to the village of Bideford in Devon where she lived until Peter found her on facebook. She was absolutely thrilled at him finding her especially after discovering that he had regularly written to her, but that she had never received the letters.

Both Peter and Angela were devastated to discover that his letters had been intercepted in the sixties. When Angela took it up with her aging mother she discovered that her father had destroyed them. Christine, her mother, felt dreadful about it, but couldn’t stop him. He had been adamant that, at 14, she was too young for a serious relationship and needed to concentrate on her studies and the letters eventually stopped coming, exactly as her father had predicted.

Those actions have ruined her memories of her father and it took some time to forgive her mother and the deceit caused a rift which might well have been permanent if Peter hadn’t coerced her into making up with Christine.

After Angela and Peter met up again they instantly realised that they were both their only and true loves and quickly arranged the sale of their homes and moved back to the south coast town of Gurney. Her parents’ actions in keeping her from Peter had lost them over forty years of enduring love.

Initially they made a conscious decision not to marry, but put all of their legal affairs into order to protect each other. However they did eventually marry on a whim.

Despite Peter having a heart condition and having suffered a minor stroke, they continue to enjoy a full and active sex life, even if it is no longer many times each day and now sometimes relies upon the availability of small blue tablets.

Now that they can spend all of their time together, they describe themselves as blissfully happy.


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Angela's TRUE story is erotic & sexually explicit. It tells of her teenage love affair, her first fumbling attempts at sexual discovery with her boyfriend, their mutual & traumatic loss of virginity & the heady weeks of love, sex & orgasms which followed until events overtook them. In the 1960s sex was less common than might be expected during the time of the flower-power & hippie revolution. Free love was the domain of colourful urban fashionable groupies, not provincial teenagers. Rural England was as staid as ever. Sex education was non-existent & most teenagers knew nothing of the genitals of the opposite sex. The clitoris was a mystery to girls & unheard of by boys. Even 60's porn was airbrushed to obliterate any detail! Boys - if you have ever wondered about a girl's sexual feelings then this is also the book for you, but there is more to it than just erotica. It is an exciting romantic adventure, overflowing with love, feeling & great sensitivity. This is written from the heart.




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