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Author Amy Patt was ranked second in the world as a Facilitator for the University of Arizona program developed for the United States Marine Corps; a level 1 substance abuse program and personal responsibility and values education and training. She is currently scheduling seminars based on this program as well as promoting her book series, The Bartlett Journals, which is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and personal responsibility. In an effort to reach teens, young adults, and women of all ages around the world to promote the idea of self-therapy, empowerment, and becoming your own strong, female lead, Amy Patt’s novels are gritty and glamourous; a “learning book” that also entertains and introduces the idea that, “It is up to us to create a safer society.” 

AUTHOR: Amy Patt

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The Prima Ballerina

The Prima Ballerina
ISBN: 9780988914902
Average Book Review Rating: 5/5 based on 1 ratings


Author Amy Patt is a native of New England, and resides there with her family. She is a twelve-year veteran of being an advocate for women and children as a board member for multiple agencies, charities and state programs. She was ranked second in the world as a Facilitator for the University of Arizona program developed for the United Stated Marine Corps at Camp LeJeune, NC. Utilizing this experience, her new series, The Bartlett Journals, focuses on strong female leads following the lives and adventures of the clients of Emma Bartlett, a social worker located in a fictional coastal Connecticut town just minutes away from New York City. With each new book in the series, Ms. Patt intertwines her love of literature, her passion for social issues, and life in New England under the shadow of New York City.

Book 1: The Prima Ballerina – Teen/Young Adult/Romance/Social Issues

Book 2: The Cosmetician – Teen/Young Adult/cancer survival

Book 3: The Actress (not yet available) – Teen/Young Adult/Domestic violence/Empowerment


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Big city problems; small town solutions. Sometimes all it takes is one woman to change your world. Featuring strong female leads and social issues, The Bartlett Journals is a book trilogy; three lead characters must confront their turbulent past in order to move forward in their lives. Each young woman is on the brink of success, if only she could embrace the past, for better or for worse, under the guidance of therapist Emma Bartlett. Utilizing empowerment skills and the fundamentals of self-help therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Amy Patt has created a "learning book" in a fun and engaging format with the introduction of Northport, CT, a fictional town under the shadow of the Big Apple. With the allure of freedom, fame, and fortune, the residents of tiny Northport, CT realize that it is up to them to create a safer society. Characters leap off the pages larger than life in a gritty yet glamorous portrayal of life in New England. Each book represents the same time period from a different girl's viewpoint, creating a thrilling read from book to book, where more is revealed the deeper you get into the series. The Bartlett Journals has been given 5-star reviews and Amy Patt has been referred to as "...the next Judy Blume." 





"Amy Patt has literally conducted a case study around a seemingly perfect personality, and broken through tough outer walls to expose the character's vulnerabilities. Clearly, Amy conducted extensive research to build such a wonderful read."



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