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Alexander Tetenta

Alexander Tetenta is an Auto-Biographer of our time. He’s is a story of our common humanity; using his unique experiences as  points of reference and a case study- full of adventure, drama, love and life.

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Will To Live : A Noble Cause

Will To Live : A Noble Cause
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Alexander Tetenta was born in Scotland and grew up in Nigeria where his family originated. He holds a Politics degree from London Metropolitan University, and a Master’s Degree in International Law from the University of Glasgow. After growing up in Nigeria, He has since returned to Glasgow where his unique personal experiences came beautifully together in this Post-Script of his Trilogy. For Alex, growing up and attending school in Nigeria were both rewarding and punishing. Alex attended an elite Elementary School where as a bright kid; he was awarded the privilege of skipping the last grade to head straight for his secondary school education. Although Alex’s secondary school days were liberating, that period was marred with the struggles of a youngling grappling with the harsh realities of boarding school and the growing pains of having to cycle through six secondary schools in about six years. After sitting for the University Entrance Exams in Nigeria, Tetenta came out with flying colours, particularly in subjects of Government & Politics. Tetenta had his sights set on pursuing a degree in the Humanities and Social Sciences especially after reading some of his mother’s notes on the topic, but his family had other prospects for him to become an engineer like his brother. In line with his family’s expectations, Tetenta enrolled into a Pre-Science degree which was short-lived after a lengthy strike action. It was at this fateful juncture that Tetenta found the British High Commission, obtained his passport and left Nigeria. Since returning to the U.K, Tetenta has diligently studied and worked hard, travelled to interesting destinations around the world, and acquired many interesting and insightful experiences worthy of writing about. His Nigerian experiences could be found nicely written in When Mother Cries 1: Seed of Discontent; whilst many of his other insightful experiences since returning to the U.K and gaining some international experiences are contained in the Volume 2: To Redeem a Generation; as well as in When Mother Cries 3: Blessings of Tomorrow.


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Words do matter, regardless of what some folks may want us to believe. After all, the Scriptures tell us that God created the world with the power of spoken words.

As human, we often under-estimate the power of words, especially those with the possibility of bringing into existence that which otherwise would not be, or to reinforce destiny.

That was how the biggest movement of change in recent history gained the kind of momentum required to turn the son of a single mother into the President of the United States of America.

In other words, we can become a summation of our thought processes and a product of the words we speak. However, words without deeds cannot just be enough; because actions speak louder than words in most cases.

For me and my two flatmates Robyn and Gabriel from Oregon and New York respectively, it was not just an exchange of opinions, but also our own opportunity to put the debates into perspective, and to ultimately contribute in shaping that historical event, even though we had been thousands of miles from the U.S.

As we analysed the prospects of the candidates, Robyn believed that Hilary Clinton would be the next president, whilst Gabriel on the other hand was rooting for John McCain.

To my knowledge, there was something about that moment in history which suggested that although Americans were looking for change, the kind of change they wanted was the kind which should usher in an Obama Presidency on that occasion.

"Tell you what?...Barack will win. Actually, when I'm in New York this summer, I hope to meet him", I found myself saying as though I was certain as to how or when it would happen. "How are you gona do that Alex", asked Robyn. "I don't know, but somehow, just because I said it, it will happen", I responded, before adding, "I'll take a picture and put it on facebook too".

Similarly, on the summer day when I opened a business account for my writing business with HSBC at their former branch on West Nile Street in Glasgow, a keen account advisor, Callum, had asked me the following question; "so is this going to be a trilogy then?"

"Yes", I'd replied without thinking it through, except for the fact that a trilogy sounded like a better accomplishment than two just two books. One thing that was certain at that point was that I was bound by my words; for the mere fact that I had said it.

Yet, with hardly any new stories to write about, I could only hope through faith, whilst believing that a story would unfold as long as I have a strong "will to live".

That is exactly what happened, and whilst my words tend to bring into being my wishes, the task ahead now involves utilising such ability for our common good; with our general wellbeing at heart.

Having worked hard for over four years to be part of the community where I was born, the man-made challenges I have faced so far have made it imperative that my pursuit of happiness shall take me to a new direction, in order to stand for something; not just against something.

Whilst I'm at it, there is now an opportunity to write this fourth book which I like to call a "Post-Script" of the trilogy; just as I am home; to live, to educate, to be educated, to work, and even to lead.

For me, home has come to encompass the global village which has continued to expose how interconnected we have become.




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