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Alexander Tetenta has been on some sort of journey of self-discovery for which the lessons of yesterday have really prepared him for the “Blessings of Tomorrow”, hence the sub-title of this book.  An inspiring story of how an obstacle can become a stepping stone, rather than a stumbling block; taking readers from adventure through to contemporary politics and courtroom drama, whilst exploring themes like love, discrimination, and injustice, amongst others.   

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When Mother Cries 3: Blessings of Tomorrow

When Mother Cries 3: Blessings of Tomorrow
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Alexander Tetenta was born in Scotland and grew up in Nigeria where his family originated. He holds a Politics degree from London Metropolitan University, and a Master’s Degree in International Law from the University of Glasgow. After growing up in Nigeria, He has since returned to Glasgow where his unique personal experiences came beautifully together in this Post-Script of his Trilogy. For Alex, growing up and attending school in Nigeria were both rewarding and punishing. Alex attended an elite Elementary School where as a bright kid; he was awarded the privilege of skipping the last grade to head straight for his secondary school education. Although Alex’s secondary school days were liberating, that period was marred with the struggles of a youngling grappling with the harsh realities of boarding school and the growing pains of having to cycle through six secondary schools in about six years. After sitting for the University Entrance Exams in Nigeria, Tetenta came out with flying colours, particularly in subjects of Government & Politics. Tetenta had his sights set on pursuing a degree in the Humanities and Social Sciences especially after reading some of his mother’s notes on the topic, but his family had other prospects for him to become an engineer like his brother. In line with his family’s expectations, Tetenta enrolled into a Pre-Science degree which was short-lived after a lengthy strike action. It was at this fateful juncture that Tetenta found the British High Commission, obtained his passport and left Nigeria. Since returning to the U.K, Tetenta has diligently studied and worked hard, travelled to interesting destinations around the world, and acquired many interesting and insightful experiences worthy of writing about. His Nigerian experiences could be found nicely written in When Mother Cries 1: Seed of Discontent; whilst many of his other insightful experiences since returning to the U.K and gaining some international experiences are contained in the Volume 2: To Redeem a Generation; as well as in When Mother Cries 3: Blessings of Tomorrow.


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Having been born with a stammer, there was a time when talking used to be difficult, and could still sometimes be in times of extreme relaxation or when expressing frustration. Nonetheless, when there is a point to put across or something worth saying, I become somewhat flawless. 

Somehow, I managed to outgrow my stammer, partly due to a ritual which took place when I was a child, and mainly due to the Grace of God. 

Knowing that the manner in which I speak is pretty much the manner in which I write, I have not surprised myself at all with this third volume of my story. 
Given that this book so far, for the most parts, has been a product of hindsight, it may be right to say that I have been on some sort of journey of self-discovery for which the lessons of yesterday have really prepared me for the “Blessings of Tomorrow”, hence the title of this Volume of my book. 
Having been able to turn obstacles into stepping stones, rather than stumbling blocks, I am grateful so far that my adversities have been a source of motivation, have strengthened my resolve, and emboldened my spirit. 
Particularly, in Volume 2, there was room for adventure, exuberance, mistakes, band wagon manoeuvres, uncalculated risks, and misplaced priorities. 
One thing that will be clear in this volume is that my priorities eventually had to change, and it has. Although it may not be said that there is ever a time to stop learning life’s lessons, it is now time to put to good use the vast knowledge that has been gained over the years. 
What a better way to move forward than to pursue a career for which one derives the joy of waking up in the morning to earn a living from the desire to help others. 
As an eternal optimist, I remain a believer in history’s ability to vindicate the virtuous. To get to this point however, there were certain moments and events between finishing my Master’s Degree at the University of Glasgow and now, which altogether, contributed to opening up this new window of opportunity from whence blessings are inevitable. 
It all started changing rapidly from the summer of 2007 as I wrote my dissertation in New York. That trip to New York had not been part of the plan for that summer, although it was borne out of necessity. 
Yet somehow, destiny had designed that I be there at that time to participate in the biggest movement of change in recent history, and fate had willed that somehow I should run into the man who was to become the President of the greatest country on earth, and so I did.




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