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Hi, my name is Alex Forster and I write legal thrillers (who said the law was boring). By day I work full time as a Learning and Development Manager for a global law firm. My passion and my profession is developing people to reach their full potential. It is fair to say that I love the law! Think about it for a moment – everything in life, and I do mean everything, involves the law. From getting married, buying a house, raising kids, getting a job, retirement – you name it and the law will be somewhere in the background.

Working with lawyers is akin to watching a grand soap opera. Contrary to the stereotypical view of lawyers, they are interesting people. Of course working in a mega law firm provides a fascinating insight as to how lawyers think and behave in the real world. Whether it is a high octane litigious court case with millions at stake, a bet-the-farm corporate merger and acquisition, drafting complex cross-border tax treaties, dealing with difficult and challenging clients or simply pitching for work against other global law firms; the pace and energy is contagious.

My books are set in the fictitious global law firm of Knight, Blackmore & Emmerington (KBE). Each book is written as a stand-alone novel, so you can read them in any order you wish. I have tried to ensure that the setting and the plot is as real as it gets so that you get a real feel for what its like working in a law firm. You gotta love the law….


AUTHOR: Alex Forster

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The World Revolves Around Gucci (Book #2 in the KBE Legal Thriller Series)

The World Revolves Around Gucci (Book #2 in the KBE Legal Thriller Series)
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Alex Forster lives in Wimbledon and works in London for a mega law firm – the ideal setting to get first-hand knowledge and insight for his legal thriller novels. To date he has written 3 books in the KBE Legal Thriller Series:

  1. The Lawyer
  2. The World Revolves Around Gucci
  3. The Secretary

The Lawyer is his debut legal thriller set in a fictional global law firm. The main character, David Mayson, finds himself ethically conflicted by his key client and his firm in terms of paying a hundred million dollar bribe to win a deal. On path for partnership, he must decide whether to make the payment and risk everything. Fast-paced and based on real risks faced by lawyers, readers will be wondering how Mayson will resolve the problem to the very end.

Alex cites his major writing influences as John Grisham, Lee Child and Geoffrey Archer.


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Would you give up the chance of a lucrative partnership in a mega law firm to try and save a client's business that is about to be made insolvent?

Senior Associate, Tom Manning, works in the 'Grim Reapers' Insolvency and Restructuring team for the global law firm Knight, Blackmore and Emmerington (KBE). After seven brutal months working on a complex deal, he is due a well-earned vacation in Hong Kong. Instead, he suddenly finds himself instructed by the firm's newest client, Fairway Holdings, to head up to North Yorkshire. His instructions: Close down a factory mill that is losing the client money! He meets the tempestuous Kate, a lawyer who grew up in the village and is desperate to see it survive. Suited and booted in Armani and Gucci, Tom must ultimately decide what really matters to him in life – a path to partnership and the ultimate destruction of a village; or a new life, the likes of which he never expected.




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